Connecting Your Brand with Progressive New Zealand Supermarket Food Broker Information

Strikeforce New Zealand
Is a leading sales and merchandising services provider to
the New Zealand Supermarket industry.


At Strikeforce NZ we are first and foremost about connecting.
Connecting with people - the trade, our team and our clients to build
lasting relationships so that we can successfully connect brands to the
New Zealand Market.


Our focus is always to achieve outcomes. We work in partnership with
our clients to determine and to define brand and growth objectives.


Our commitment is to then do what is needed to make it happen. We
have the field and account management resources and capabilities to
cover and service the entire national market, independent and chains.


Our experience and local knowledge of the New Zealand market is
unmatched, over 180 years management experience. At Strikeforce
we know what matters and what needs to be done to deliver results.


The strength of our relationships, our knowledge and expertise, our
commitment and proven ability to perform have resulted in Strikeforce
being the most trusted and respected sales and merchandising partner
in New Zealand today.

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