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About Us - Strikeforce NZ

Any retail channel
Results driven

Strikeforce NZ combines data and CPG experience. Using consumer data and established retail relationships to build your brand in the New Zealand market. By listening to our clients, we know where, when, what, why and how


We integrate our expert services and in-store Brand Activators to ensure your investment converts to meaningful and demonstrable ROI.

Expert Market Knowledge

We are a long established business with over 20 years experience in the New Zealand market together with many longstanding clients

National Coverage

Strikeforce NZ provides national coverage across 500 stores and has almost 200 Brand Activators who build relationships with our clients every day.

Real-Time Reporting

We have flexible service offerings and real-time reporting solutions that fit to our diverse range of clients

Field Management Platform

Merx is a system that provides online access to the field outcomes as they happen.

How we do it

At Strikeforce NZ, we have invested in market leading systems that leverage our proven Go To Market Model. This allows us to efficiently allocate the right resources everyday ensuring your brands are executed to the highest standard in store. Our real-time reporting provides transparency over your brands across the retail sector.

We are continually improving our technological infrastructure and refining our processes. This ensures our operations are more efficient. This leads to a higher return on investment for your business. 

We use Office 365 which provides compatibility between our devices (i.e. Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, OneDrive)


We purchase NielsenIQ data for all SKUs we service, enabling us to measure our performance


We use Power BI as a real-time reporting present to our clients using data from Merx


Merx is a system that provides online access to the field outcomes as they happen


Our CRM platform is structured with the right parameters and ease of use to successfully grow your sales. It is proprietary, has been purpose built & battle tested  which when coupled with retail scan data, measures your progress to achieving short & long term goals. It enables accurate, live reports with the insights needed to adapt to evolving consumers, channels & retailers.


Our CRM platform brings all field management tasks into one place with Power BI to provide the transparency over your brands in all stores.

Strikeforce Technology


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